The Intouchables. the movie the Intouchables is directed by Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano, this movie was set in Paris starring a young man called Philippe who is a quadriplegic millionaire. Philippe is interviewing people with his secretary Magalie to help pursue his career, they were interviewing several people and no one really caught their […]

In the novel the Kite runner written by Afghan- American author Khaled Hosseini, the main character we get to meet is Amir. the story set in Kabul, Afghanistan back in 1975 before the Russian invasion. the story point of view is taken from 1st person narrated by Amir who showed us how to live his […]

amir, narrative point of view – farsi & arabie foreshadowing setting – afghanistan to america and back to afghanistan – prewer to refugees to taliban day – days of freedom – kite flying Paragraph 1 – set the scene describe amir and hassan – betrayal paragraph 2 – war + refugees in USA Amir’s guilt […]

Significant connections essay – Meg Harraway Some people are living the illusion of others instead of living in the truth of themselves – Jackov Kanani It is often said to someone who is anxious to make a good impression, “just be yourself.” What that means is, “I think you are fine. You do not have […]

BP 1- illusion is presented in ext 1
BP 2- combine + compare text1 to text2
BP 3- combine + compare text2 to text3
BP 4- combine + compare text3 to text4
Conclusion –

1 novel – great gatsby
1 film or tv show – the blind side
1 short story – the dolls house
1 song –
Name of or type of 4 text you’re going to use.
element of story you will focus on.
statement about illusion you will explore.
limits like fears are often just an illusion

Social classes Definition of social classes “a division of a society based on social and economic status”. The mentality of people today is changing but why? We were all born the same we all eat breath and sleep the same and all die the same so why do we have to be put into social […]

Describe the beginning of the written text. Explain how the beginning helped you to understand at least one important aspect of the text. As the great gatsby opens F.Scott Fitzgerald introduces the story with Nick Carraway the novel’s narrator telling us a bit about his upbringing and the lessons his family thought him. Throughout the […]

Intro- Throughout the well known novel of the great gatsby by f.scott fitzgerald we follow the story of nick carraway the novel’s narrator through his summer in new york. We see Nick go through three different settings during the novel that are segregated into 3 different settings east egg, west egg and the valley of […]

Describe three key characters and how they change in the novel- Nick-   As The Great Gatsby opens, Nick Carraway, the story’s narrator remembers his upbringing and the lessons his family taught him. The novel opens up with an important quote from Nick’s father “just remember Nick whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember […]

how is the scene in the hotel room in chapter 7 similar to the scene in chapter 2? the scene from chapter 2 is similar to the scene in chapter 7 because it shows the tension and the fact that they are both drinking at the time. it gives the same illusion as chapter