Now and then-melbourne moomba festival

Before moomba festival-

Were the city meets water and ever changing views surrounded me. Strolling down the streets of melbourne sweltering in the sun, a soft calming place welcomes me. Green banks outline the glistering currents, houseboats muffling by and birds singing in the brimming trees. Empty streets with empty trees and a few people wandering while embarking upon new scenery. Smelling nothing but fresh air well-balanced with blue limitless skies. It was when the scorching heat surrendered and the sun dropped out of sight. Dusk approached still leaving the muggy atmosphere behind. Stars were not the only thing keeping melbourne beaming with brightness and good vibes at dawn, as were the lights from shops streets cars and buildings that overtook the milky way . Guiding me in the shaded evening streets weaving between crowds and live music trying not to get lost among the slow-moving atmosphere, along with the beats of the night I staying up till small hours observing the sky filled with natural beauty that would never leave my memory, milky sparkles twirled and danced along in diverse patterns catching attention at the corner of my lips in a way that almost made me smile.


During moomba festival-

Crowds overlaid the banks of the yarra. Lights hung from tree to tree guiding kids and families down the streets of the moomba festival. Costumes lit up the summer’s day with music that filled the air with festive beets. Major crowds were getting amped from one end to the other lifting the peoples spirits while on the brinks of their seats. Sitting and observing the raw of the tow boat make its way down the murky current of the yarra you could see the happiness on the kids faces with there sugar coated smile beaming from both ears. Boats towing athletes over the jump at a million miles an hour, boom! There up in the air soaring like a bullet flying 70 meters. Jampacked hours passed by as skier after skier showed the people of melbourne their raw talent. Dad and I were joined at the hip as we pushed our way through crowds all here to share the same passion. Trying not to lose myself reaching as close as I could get to watch some of the best in the world. Like father like daughter we were both astound. The intense atmosphere built up as dusk resembled, the air tasted so heavenly alongside the fast food trucks that weaved through the mass of onlookers attracting all ages. The city spread below me, lights submerged with the vibes of strangers carrying squeals and laughter upside down through multiple carnival rides. walking through never ending lines I try make my way back to watch the night set down were thousands of people all came together. It was the best experience yet. 

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  1. Meg, watch that your tense remains the same throughout. At the moment, you have a lot of sense descriptions in here and they are standing on their own- how can you make them blur in together to form one overall solid image rather than lots of fragmented pieces.

    At the moment, I think you need to just write the second “Now” piece and then come back and look at your stylistic choices and vocab. selection.


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