24th May 2018

reading log #2

The Intouchables.
the movie the Intouchables is directed by Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano, this movie was set in Paris starring a young man called Philippe who is a quadriplegic millionaire. Philippe is interviewing people with his secretary Magalie to help pursue his career, they were interviewing several people and no one really caught their interest until Driss cut the line and barged on in holding documents from the social security demanding the papers to be signed to show that he has tried to apply for the job.

this movie teaches us to accept each other differences, Philippe and driss came from two completely different worlds with different upbringings and views on society. driss is a Senegalese immigrant who was brought up in a very un-wealthy part of town living with multiple siblings in a very small apartment. on the other hand philippe is a very wealthy man and has a high social status who lives in a luxurious paris apartment with his spoiled teenage daughter and his staff. these two men have different lifestyles but can seem to come together and accept them for who they are, and enjoy each others company.

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