4th August 2017


Social classes
Definition of social classes “a division of a society based on social and economic status”.

The mentality of people today is changing but why?
We were all born the same we all eat breath and sleep the same and all die the same so why do we have to be put into social classes of our own differences.
There are large variations in wealth, power and authority in our society. Social class is overrated giving people labels when you don’t really even know who they are. How could you ever understand where i come from,even if you listen you do not really hear or see or feel you don’t remember my story you haven’t walked my path you haven’t seen what i’ve seen, my past defines me this is who I am. Some people believe that they are unseen, unheard, unwanted that is how they feel. What if that girl you see so happy and bubbly at school goes home their world has turned upside down nothing was how it was supposed to be and a heavy sadness fuled her soul. Deeper and deeper she falls into herself and nothing could pull her out trapped in the misery of her life lost in the sorrow of her soal un able to see the light unable to see the dawn. To feel, To hope, To dream. And she felt like the darkest days of her life kept coming. Mainly I wonder why and how, how do we allow the Social class define us on the basis of our esteem and prestige claimed through economic success we put ourselves through pain to please others who we barely know. We try hard to do this to avoid being put into a lower class but why should we have to put so much effort into just having to show up and look good, smell good and smile? What if we can’t smile, what if we can’t smell good and just stop showing up other people start to name you and abuse you of being something we’re not. To just try to get by and try to survive is hard enough and all the other stuff seems just like nothing compared to just wanting the most important stuff back again and not having to worry about where people place you and not worrying where you stand in there life ? views and perspectives change as years pass and there is no reason why you can’t change your future and change your life for the better its seems to be like once you get a “bad name” or drop to a “lower class” you can’t get yourself back again? what happens when those you need most threaten your very existence, i’ve heard plenty of promises and they all sound the same but push hard enough and sooner or later they all prove to be empty. As kids we have no control of what happened in the ‘real world’ my past my story my history is not my fault it’s not because of me and doesn’t have to be what defines my future we are all loveable and all worthy of power and authority so why let the power of social class stop us? and that glimmer of light makes all the difference the glimmers of light give us hope that some day it will all be normal. Normal as in not having to judge others and not letting anyone’s opinion control the way we live.

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